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Of all known dental procedures, Root Canal Treatments may very well have gained the worst reputation. Many comparisons have been made between the root canal procedure and countless other loathsome sources of pain. In fact, when a root canal is performed in the dental office on a non-emergency basis, it may be no more uncomfortable than a simple filling. When the affected tooth has not been treated quickly enough, and infection and swelling have set in, it becomes difficult to anesthetize the tooth, increasing the risk of discomfort during the procedure.

What is a Root Canal? In the very center of the tooth root lies the nerve, or pulp, which is typically protected by the surrounding tooth structure. When the nerve has been traumatized by excessive decay (cavity), a fracture, or some other injury, it becomes inflamed, infected, and possibly be beyond repair. In order to save the tooth structure and prevent future discomfort, the nerve must be removed and replaced with a sterile filling material.

Under local anesthetic in our Arlington TX dental office, the procedure is performed with fine instruments through a small access opening in the tooth. The area is then sterilized and a permanent restoration is placed. Once the procedure is complete, the tooth is no longer capable of transmitting feelings such as temperature sensitivity or pain, and it is considered non-vital, meaning not living. When the main nerve supply is removed from the tooth, the tooth may become brittle and the chance of the tooth splitting increases so a build up and crown may be recommended to maintain your tooth and your investment.

Generally, a natural tooth should be preserved whenever possible. Root canal treatments enable you to save your natural tooth while eliminating the offended nerve. Of course, the earlier you are able to address a dental condition, the better your chances of a predictable outcome. If you feel that you may be in need of a root canal, why not plan a visit to Fielder Park Dental in Arlington, TX? You may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

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