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Patients that suffer from teeth grinding and clenching may be dealing with one or several contributing factors. When teeth are out of alignment, the tendency to clench the jaw is a natural response usually done subconsciously during sleep. Your family dentist has a solution that will bring relief and help break the clenching and grinding habit.

Certain factors that can result in grinding are more emotional than physical. Anger, anxiety, and stress can trigger the response of teeth grinding, also known as bruxism.

Quite often the patient that is grinding and clenching is unaware it is happening. A partner may be more cognizant of the grinding through observation or hearing the unmistakable sound of teeth gnashing during the night. [pullquote]When teeth are out of alignment, the tendency to clench the jaw is a natural response usually done subconsciously during sleep.[/pullquote]

Signs of grinding and clenching you should be mindful of include discomfort in the jaw, neck or head upon awakening. Often people that experience daily stress attribute those aches to the things that produce the stress.  But getting to the root of this discomfort may be as simple as a visit to the family dentist.

What happens to someone who ignores the signs of grinding? The nighttime habit will likely transcend to a daily habit as well. Although the teeth are very strong, continuous pressure from grinding and clenching can result in worn down enamel, broken teeth, dental decay, TMJ, or tooth loss.

Your family dentist will be able to spot the many signs the grinder displays, hopefully before damage has occurred. Obviously, eliminating the underlying cause of grinding is optimum. But since your dentist cannot resolve your employment woes, change your commute time, or provide the magic elixir to make all your problems disappear, the next best thing is to fit you with a mouth guard.

There are many styles, materials, and price points available for a mouth guard. There are generic types available at the drug store or on the internet, as well as units that are intended for the customer to be able to personalize them.

But the customized mouth guard fabricated by your dentist will provide the design and fit that will work best to retrain the muscles, and be the most comfortable while discouraging grinding.

Obviously, prevention is always going to be the optimum choice. But failing that, resolve grinding with the help of our skilled team of family dentists and a customized mouth guard.

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