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If given a choice, who would not want to be able to preserve their natural teeth for a lifetime? But dental decay, disease and trauma occur, and the next best thing to maintaining our natural teeth for life is with dental implants.

Before embarking on the dental implant process, a commitment to see the program through is required. From start to finish, this can take up to a year. Good dental health, as well as overall good health, is reviewed to determine whether the patient is a qualified candidate, and only patients willing to maintain excellent dental hygiene are advised to proceed.

Dental implants are small devices made from titanium that are surgically imbedded in gum tissue where tooth loss has occurred. Research has proven that titanium is the metal of choice for this purpose due to its ability to fuse to bone. While the implant area is healing over a four to six month period, the implant itself is fusing to the bone which will allow it to act much like the root of a natural tooth for the final restoration that will be placed over it.

Guarding against infection during healing is imperative to the success of the implant. This requires daily flossing to keep the area as free from bacteria as possible. Rinsing may be recommended to flush the area as well.

Tobacco use will need to be curtailed as smoking is one of the leading factors in implant failure.

When healed, the implant dentist will protect the implant with a final restoration that will be fabricated to match the color, size and shape of surrounding teeth. The finished product will be so lifelike, it will be virtually impossible to detect which tooth contains the implant.

By this time, the implant has become a permanent part of your dental anatomy. It is intended to last a lifetime, and research has shown that so far this is true. Dental implants have gained popularity in recent years as they continue to prove to be a wonderful alternative to other tooth replacement solutions.

There are no diet restrictions, and caring for a dental implant is as easy as daily flossing and brushing. In addition, twice yearly visits to your dental provider for a clinical exam and cleaning will keep the implant and surrounding teeth healthy for many, many years.

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