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A winning smile is one the best social assets in fact, 87% of Americans say your smile is important to your self-esteem. Teeth that are a little ‘crooked’ or ‘spaced’ or ‘tilted’ are often what prevent a smile from being ideal. The upper front teeth lie in a crucial esthetic zone and make up the essence of a smile. Correcting the appearance of teeth positioned unesthetically can be done by a number of ways.

Orthodontic treatment: Orthodontic treatment is the ideal way of correcting tooth positions and alignments, but is lengthy, and some adult patients find the idea of wearing braces unacceptable. Alternatives such as ceramic brackets and lingual braces have greatly improved its esthetics. The advent of ‘Invisalign’; a system of removable custom- made invisible orthodontic appliances has revolutionised the comfort, feasibility and acceptability of orthodontics for an increasing number of people.

Dental veneers: “A lot of people often believe that any misaligned teeth can only be corrected by wearing braces as a part of years long orthodontic treatment,” says Dr. Mercer, an esthetic and implant dentist in Arlington, TX.  “However, cosmetic dentistry can often offer a fast and satisfying alternative for many people.”

Dental veneers are minimally invasive ceramic restorations, which can be used to mask minor discrepancies of teeth placement and shapes, especially for the front teeth. These involve a minimal and painless preparation of tooth structure so that custom-made esthetic veneers can be bonded on to the teeth. Small gaps, overlaps and unequal sized teeth, can often be beautifully masked by well-designed veneers.

Ceramic veneers such as Procera can be computer designed and milled and offer the best esthetics. Composite bonding is a less expensive alternative treatment to veneers.

Some people have ‘high smile lines’, which means their gum line is visible on smiling and a balance of the gum display with that of teeth is crucial to a pleasing smile. Dental veneers are often combined with cosmetic gum contouring for achieving an overall balanced and pleasing smile. Dr. Mercer can perform a ‘smile analysis’ and help you choose the right treatment plan.

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