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Does being outside in cold air, biting into your favorite sweet, or consuming hot or cold food or beverages cause a zinging sensation in one or more of your teeth? If so, you are likely suffering from tooth sensitivity, and our team of dentists offer several solutions to provide relief.

Tooth sensitivity can occur for many reasons:

  • Brushing with a hard bristle brush and a firm hand can result in gum recession.
  • Worn enamel can expose access to the tooth’s root.
  • Poor hygiene habits. Flossing daily and brushing at least twice per day is a must to prevent dental decay, another leading cause of sensitivity.
  • Overuse of whitening products. Consistent whitening increases the incidence of tooth sensitivity.
  • Teeth grinding and clenching can result in premature wear and tear. Wearing a night guard can lessen grinding that occurs while asleep.
  • Poor diet. Sugary snacks and beverages can allow plaque build-up which is a primary cause of gum disease and dental decay.

Our dentists can help resolve sensitivity in many ways. That zinging sensation signals a breach in the tooth’s top layer of enamel into the next layer called dentin. When the dentin becomes exposed due to receding gum tissue, dental decay or a crack in the tooth, sensitivity can occur. [pullquote]Our dentists can help resolve tooth sensitivity in many ways.[/pullquote]

When gums start to recede and the bony part of the tooth is exposed, your dentist can cover the root with a tooth colored composite resin. This protects the root as well as provides a cosmetic enhancement allowing the tooth to overcome sensitivity.

Repairing dental decay or a cracked tooth not only will relieve dental discomfort, but is the first step to returning to good dental health. Research has revealed that dental health plays a significant role in our overall health, so fixing broken or decayed teeth is critical to our daily comfort and good health.

There are many toothpastes, gels and rinses that can provide relief from tooth sensitivity when used consistently. If these products fail to get the desired result, your dental provider can seal off sensitive areas with a fluoride varnish or sealer.

Tooth sensitivity can impact a healthy diet, a good night’s sleep and overall health. There are many solutions available that start with seeing your dentist for a professional cleaning and exam and following the advice given to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Contact our team at Fielder Park Dental in Arlington Texas to schedule your next exam.

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