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Dental implants provide a comfortable and convenient alternative to people who have lost teeth. Unlike dentures, they do not move around in the mouth, irritate the gums, or fall out at inopportune moments. They also do not need to be removed for cleaning, making them much easier to take care of.

One common concern regarding dental implants is how they will look after the implant procedure is completed and the final prosthetics have been placed in the mouth. The good news is that, because of improvements in the types of materials used for dental prosthetics, dental implants are difficult if not impossible to differentiate from natural teeth.

The replacement teeth used in conjunction with dental implants are made from materials that resemble the color, strength and even the reflective properties of natural teeth. Titanium screws that have bonded to the jawbone are used to hold the implants in place.

Maintaining dental implants requires the same diligent dental hygiene used for the teeth they have replaced. Regular brushing, flossing and trips to the dentist will keep the gums healthy and keep the surface of the teeth clean and stain-free. Avoiding foods and beverages that can cause staining, as well as avoiding nicotine, can also help them look natural for many years.

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