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Dr. Chip Mercer, Dr. William Saunders, Dr. Zimmerer, and Dr. Petty all know that over 90% of all adults over the age of 20 will have at least one cavity to deal with in their lifetime. Since cavities affect almost all adults, they warrant some proper attention.

Definition of a cavity

A cavity is the tiny hole that forms somewhere on your teeth, as a result of acids in your mouth that eat away at the tooth enamel, which is the hard outer layer on your teeth. Acids are present in your mouth because your oral bacteria are constantly working to break down particles of food which become trapped in between your teeth. These acids combine with other materials to form plaque, which remains on your teeth and start eroding your enamel in as little as 20 minutes unless you take regular steps to remove it.

Preventing cavities

Your Arlington, TX dental team recommends that you fight plaque by rinsing after each meal and brushing twice a day so plaque has a harder time forming on your teeth. Flossing will also discourage the formation of plaque in the areas of your mouth that are hard to reach and thus more susceptible to plaque. In addition to good oral hygiene, you should also see your Arlington, TX  dentist every six months, so that any plaque buildup can be removed, and any other issues can be detected and treated in their early stages.

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