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Healthy teeth and gums do more than just cavities at bay. According to recent research, they may also prevent the development of certain cancers.

Research has uncovered a link between the bacteria that cause gum disease and other diseases of the body. The low-grade inflammation associated with periodontal disease is a vehicle for spreading bacteria to various parts of the body, releasing enzymes that can affect DNA sequencing and create disease. In fact, pancreatic cancer has been recently shown through a study published in the British Journal of Cancer to be linked to occurrences of periodontal disease. This is one of the many reasons why practicing good oral hygiene is an effective preventative measure, as well as early diagnosis. Dr. Chip Mercer, Dr. William Saunders, Dr. Zimmerer, and Dr. Petty of Fielder Park Dental understand the link between many oral disorders and maintaining oral health. As a result, they’re committed to educating patients and encouraging the proper care for healthy teeth and gums as a protection.

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