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Oral Health in Arlington, TX

What goes in your mouth has a direct impact on the health of your mouth. Tooth decay (dental caries) and enamel erosion are the most frequent oral health consequences of dietary habits. Plaque, a biofilm of bacteria, feeds on sugars and builds up on the teeth. The unchecked accumulation of plaque leads to dental erosion, cavities and gum disease.

Foods and drinks rich in natural sugars and refined carbohydrates are conducive towards tooth decay. The likelihood of tooth decay increases the more often you eat and allow food to remain in your mouth. Proper dental care inhibits the growth of plaque, staving off its incessant attack on your oral health. Many also contain acids which may contribute to dental caries as well. Not all foods that contain sugars should be avoided, because many of them also have high nutritive value, such as fruits and vegetables. However, some foods and beverages contribute more to oral health issues than others, and understanding what nutrition your food choices offer goes a long way towards better dental and physical health.

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