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By now, you have probably heard of dental implants as a popular tooth replacement choice. Dental implants are the preferred option for replacing missing teeth in a wide variety of instances. When teeth must be removed due to decay, periodontal disease, or when adult teeth fail to develop properly, the implant is typically the best solution.

While the dental implant may have become a more widely recognized term, many patients are unfamiliar with the details of the procedure.

A dental implant is a surgical grade titanium post inserted into the jaw bone. The titanium material is specially prepared to integrate or bond firmly to the bone. This procedure is often performed in the comfort of the dental office, under local anesthetic to minimize discomfort. Once the implant is in place, a healing cap is used to cover and protect the implant, and the surgical site is covered with gum tissue.

After an appropriate healing period, the implant is uncovered and a permanent restoration is placed. A small connector called an abutment is used to attach the restoration to the implant.  The restorative options are numerous, according to your specific needs. A single crown, a fixed bridge, or even an anchor for a removable denture or partial can be used to replace your lost chewing surface.

The benefits of the dental implant are remarkable. Replacing missing teeth helps to restore your confidence for a healthy self-image. The implant is strong and durable without relying on neighboring teeth for support. By replacing both the tooth and the root, the implant preserves the bone, causing less bone loss compared to other treatments. The implant looks and functions like a natural tooth, while maintaining your ability to eat a variety of foods with comfort.

Dental implants are a strong alternative for tooth replacement compared to bridges, dentures, and partials. The long term advantages in terms of esthetics, function, and comfort are supported by decades of scientific and clinical evidence. To determine if this option is suitable for you, talk with one of our Arlington TX dental implant dentists today.

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