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Tooth loss is never easily accepted, but whether you have experienced trauma, dental decay or disease, a perfect option to replace tooth loss is with custom dentures.

Whether you are dealing with the loss of one or several teeth, your dentist can provide a denture that will look and feel natural.

Your dental professional will work with you to select the correct size, shape, and tooth color to correlate with remaining teeth. If an entire denture is needed to replace the upper, lower or both arches, physical attributes such as face contour and complexion tones will be taken into consideration to supply the patient with the most natural presentation possible.

Even though a custom denture has been designed specifically for you, an adjustment period should be anticipated while you get used to your new denture.

Soft foods for the first couple of days may be recommended as you adjust to eating. Taking small bites and chewing slowly and deliberately will help with eating adjustments.

You may feel like your new denture is too big for your mouth. As you learn how to maximize the use of your tongue, you will soon realize that this feeling has more to do with adjusting and learning than the actual denture itself. Some words might not roll off the tongue as easily, but this will dissipate quickly.

Taking care of your new custom denture will require a little more attention, but will become habitual like brushing your teeth. A removable denture should be brushed with the appropriate brush and cleaner to avoid scratching or soaked in an approved product to remove stains.

Brushing the gum tissue and surrounding area while brushing your teeth will help promote circulation and keep the tissue healthy.

Over time, as facial and jaw structure change, the dentureswill not adjust to compensate for these changes. If soreness develops, see your dentist right away for any needed adjustments. This may also mean your denture needs to be relined to give you the optimum in fit and comfort. Never attempt to make adjustments to your denture. This will generally never bring a good result.

If taken care of, your custom denture will provide many, many years of functionality and aesthetic value.

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