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Smoking has many effects on your body and health, but the most noticeable change is in your teeth. Dental care for a smoker is demanding. It can lead to tooth loss, an increased risk for gum disease, loss of bone structure, cancer, leukoplakia, and inflammation. Your teeth’s appearance will change from being a healthy white color to a stained yellow. You can no longer taste and smell foods and develop bad breath. The repair process for a smoker slows down dramatically, and they cannot be a candidate for receiving dental implants. The damage done is permanent.

To prevent this, smokers should let their dentists know that they are smokers in order to identify a good program to keep your teeth healthy. Professional dental cleaning is recommended more often for smokers as well as a good relationship with dental floss, mouth wash, and tongue cleaners.

Quitting smoking can be a real challenge and can be just as addicting as other narcotics. When quitting, emotions can be at an all time high causing depression, fatigue, and more. Quitting is an emotion and physical obstacle that can be overcome with dedication. There is support that will help with withdrawal that include hotlines, medications, and therapy. Even an exercise regimen can reduce the stress that can make quitting harder. A nicotine patch, nasal inhalers, and sprays can also be great resources to help break smoking habits. Quitting smoking has, even more, benefits than a pretty smile and is better than any health issue that can arise in the future. Seek out resources for assistance:,,

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