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There are many types of products on the market today that promise to whiten your teeth and brighten your smile. Across the counter you can obtain pastes, gels, rinses, strips and trays. On the internet you can purchase a variety of different programs that promise a dazzling smile. But none of these products can deliver results like ZOOM! Whitening.

In the span of one to two hours you can turn a drab smile into a “wow” smile whitening your teeth up to eight shades. You might ask what makes ZOOM! Whitening so different from these other products?

Our cosmetic dentists at Fielder Park Dental can whiten your teeth using products that contain the most powerful, yet safest, whitening agent available. Because ZOOM! Whitening is administered by a dental professional, all the safeguards are put in place prior to treatment. If you typically experience sensitivity, you will be advised to brush with a toothpaste that offers additional protection for a week or two prior to whitening your teeth to keep sensitivity to a minimum. Any discomfort resulting from sensitivity usually dissipates at the conclusion of treatment.

A dental exam is routinely performed to make sure you are a good candidate for teeth whitening. For in office treatment, prior to the whitening agent being applied, barriers are placed to protect your gums and other soft tissue areas in your mouth to prevent irritation.

Once ZOOM! has been applied, a laser or curing light will be applied to enhance the whitening agent to obtain the maximum benefit. Usually two to three 15 minute sessions are performed to obtain the desired results.

The beauty of the ZOOM! System is that it continues to brighten and whiten your smile for up to two weeks after the completion of treatment without any additional effort on your part. Touch-up kits are available to keep your smile dazzling.

With at home teeth whitening products purchased across the counter or on the internet, the time it takes for those products to start working can be days or even weeks. And the end result can be very disappointing with maybe only one or two shades of improvement.

There really is no comparison between the strips, gels, pastes or trays and the gorgeous results you will obtain from ZOOM! teeth whitening available only from your dental professional.

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