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Teeth whitening is a popular form of cosmetic dentistry, and involves bleaching the enamel of the teeth so that they appear whiter. The bleaching process removes staining from the surface of the enamel, such as those stains left behind by dark drinks like coffee or tea.

There are several methods of teeth whitening; from specially formulated toothpastes and DIY tooth whitening kits, to professional teeth whitening done by a cosmetic dentist. Tooth whitening is perfectly safe, although some people might experience some small side effects as a result, such as gum irritation or sensitive teeth.

Tooth whitening toothpastes are abrasive in nature; they work by eroding away the stains on the enamel as a person brushes their teeth. These toothpastes are normally more expensive than standard toothpastes and often contain hydrogen peroxide, or other anti-staining agent as an active ingredient, and it can take several weeks’ use before any noticeable change occurs.

Do-it-yourself home kits are available from most drug stores, and contain a ready-mixed tooth whitening solution, as well as an applicator tray, which the patient wears for a period of time. While they cost more than toothpastes, they deliver better results in much less time. However, the strength of some solutions may be too powerful for the level of staining a person requires.

What’s more, the applicator trays used in do-it-yourself kits rarely give a proper and close fit to the person’s teeth, which often results in the bleaching agent coming into contact with gum tissue, leading to irritation of the tissue.

Teeth whitening performed by a cosmetic dentist rarely leads to complications. The dentist can formulate a specific strength solution to best match the level of staining and the desired result. Also, unlike do-it-yourself kits, the applicator trays used in treatment by a cosmetic dentist will be customized to better fit the patient’s mouth, ensuring optimum contact between the bleaching agent and the tooth enamel while avoiding contact with the gum tissue.

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