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Many people feel self-conscious when their teeth are not at their best, but using Invisalign treatment can help to restore confidence. Invisalign is a relatively new dental treatment designed to correct a person’s smile, and can be used to treat a range of dental problems.

Invisalign treatment involves a dentist taking a cast of the patient’s mouth and then crafting a series of removable aligners that the patient wears. Each set of aligners is worn for a period of time before swapping to the next one. Each has the effect of slowly realigning the patient’s teeth into the desired position.

Invisalign can be used to treat several dental issues, such as overcrowded or widely spaced teeth, cross bites, and over and under bites.

Overbites occur when the patient’s upper teeth create a significant overlap with the lower teeth. This can be due to the patient’s genetic makeup or bad oral habits. It can also occur through over development of the upper jawbone which supports the teeth. An overbite can lead to the patient suffering gum problems and wear on the lower teeth; potentially leading to painful jaw and joint issues.

Overbite is, however, a normal condition and many people will have some degree of overbite. An overbite of around 2-3mm is the optimum overbite a patient should have; anything more and treatment to correct the overbite should be considered.

When assessing a patient’s need for treatment, whether to treat an overbite or another problem, a dentist will look at several factors before taking dental x-rays and impressions of the patient’s teeth. From this information, the sequence of realignment can be determined and the aligners can be made.

The patient then wears each of the Invisalign aligners for 2-3 weeks; each one helps the patient’s teeth to slowly and safely shift position in order that the next aligners in the series can then be worn. The treatment continues in the same vein until the desired result is reached, and the overbite or other condition has been eradicated.

And, as they’re almost invisible to see, Invisalign offers a greater degree of comfort and discretion than conventional dental braces. So, if you are considering whether Invisalign can help correct your dental problem, contact Fielder Park Dental in Arlington TX at 817-275-4817 for more information.