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You have presentations to give, meetings to facilitate, or customers to greet: In your busy life, you are constantly in situations that require you to speak and smile, and if your teeth are misaligned, you can easily feel self-conscious. Wearing noticeable metal braces to fix the problem may only add to this feeling. However, you do have another option in Invisalign – a clear alternative for working professionals.

Invisalign is a dental solution that allows you to straighten your teeth using clear plastic trays. These trays are easy to remove temporarily when you have a special engagement or meeting. However, even if you decide to keep wearing your Invisalign trays during a professional function, the trays are hard to notice.

Traditional metal braces, on the other hand, pose many challenges. For instance:

  • Metal braces, unlike Invisalign, cannot be removed prior to eating meals. This makes oral care much more difficult.
  • With metal braces, you have more limitations in terms of what you can eat. For instance, a dentist will discourage you from chewing hard fruits and vegetables as well as crusty breads, and you must avoid eating meat from a bone in order to avoid popping off your braces’ brackets.  However, you can remove your Invisalign trays before dinner time and thus avoid these issues.
  • The sharp metal that makes up braces can irritate your gums, while Invisalign plastic trays are smoother.

Invisalign therefore is a more comfortable, convenient way to close gaps between teeth and to fix misaligned teeth if you are a working professional. As long as you keep your trays in for at least 22 hours a day and avoid drinking beverages that could stain your plastic trays, straightening your teeth in an essentially invisible way indeed is possible.

In just one year to 18 months – during which time you visit the dentist every two weeks – you can have straight teeth. If you are a working professional who wants to overcome feeling self-conscious about your smile, whether you work in the showroom or in the boardroom, Invisalign will help you to accomplish this in a virtually invisible way.