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When the gums pull away or recede from the tooth, the condition is termed “recession”. In a healthy mouth, the gums should fit snuggly around the neck of the teeth. This relationship between the gums and the teeth typically marks the place where the enamel stops and the root of the tooth begins. The gum tissue also covers the underlying bone that supports the teeth.

When gum recession has occurred, professional attention should be sought as soon as possible. Our dental team has the expertise to address your periodontal concerns.

Once gum recession has occurred, the tissue can never grow back or repair itself. Gum tissue is one of the more delicate structures in the human body, and is attached to the teeth and bone only by microscopic fibers. For this reason, the therapy provided by a dentist is virtually invaluable. Identifying the cause of the recession, repairing the damage caused by recession, and preventing future recession can improve your overall health. [pullquote]When gum recession has occurred, professional attention should be sought as soon as possible.[/pullquote]

Aggressively brushing the teeth is one of the leading causes of gum recession. Scrubbing the delicate gum tissue can cause abrasions the eventually lead to recession. This manner of brushing, along with an abrasive toothpaste can also abrade and destroy the enamel. Selecting a soft toothbrush and mild toothpaste are necessary choices for the protection of the teeth and gums.

Chronic or occasional bruxism is also a known contributor to gum recession. This condition is marked by clenching, grinding, or an abnormally functioning jaw joint. These habits tend to subject the teeth, gums, and bone to excessive forces that can be destructive. Over time, the gums begin to pull away from the teeth and bone resorption occurs.

Rapid or aggressive movement of the teeth are another known contributor to gum recession. Extensive orthodontic treatment may cause localized bone loss and consequently, gum recession as well.

If you have noticed localized or generalized gum recession, call our dental office serving Arlington TX to discuss the appropriate solution today.