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A lost or missing tooth is something most people have faced. There are many dental solutions to replace a missing tooth with the most common being some type of denture. A denture offers the ability to eat and speak along with a satisfactory aesthetic result. But if you yearn to return to the life you enjoyed before dentures, there is a solution in dental implants.

Whether you have lost one or several teeth due to trauma, disease or decay, a dental implant offers a perfect solution.

The first step to see how a dental implant can forever change your life is the qualification process. A medical questionnaire is completed to determine if you are healthy enough to undergo the dental surgery.

A very thorough dental exam is conducted including dental x-rays to make sure the gum tissue and bone strength is present to sustain a dental implant.

Qualified candidates will be advised of the commitment needed to keep the implant area flossed and brushed to prevent infection, a leading cause of implant failure. Smoking and tobacco use are a secondary cause of implant failure, so patients will be advised to discontinue their use before starting the implant process.

On day one, a small screw like device made from titanium will be surgically placed in the gum tissue where the patient has sustained tooth loss. This is the implant that will become a permanent part of your dental anatomy and become the anchor for your new tooth. A temporary cover will be placed over the implant to protect it during the healing process, usually four to six months.

Once the implant has fused to the bone, it will act much like the root of your natural tooth providing strength and stability to the final restoration. Your implant dentist will make sure the healing process is complete before moving on to the final step which is to provide the aesthetic portion of your new smile.

The crown that will cover your new implant will be made to match the shape and shade of your surrounding teeth making your dental implant virtually undetectable. Your reward is you can again eat the foods you love, speak without fear of your tooth “slipping” and smile with renewed confidence.

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