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Do you experience pain when you’re eating cold foods or sipping on hot beverages? Do you wish you could avoid brushing and flossing completely because the normal chore has become uncomfortable? These types of problems may mean that you have sensitive teeth.

There are a number of reasons that your teeth become sensitive. Some of these reasons include things like cavities, roots that have become exposed, teeth that are chipped or broken, weak tooth enamel, old fillings that have won out, or the onset of gum disease.

When your teeth are completely healthy, your teeth are covered with protected enamel. Once you hit the gum line, the roots of your teeth are protected by cementum. Located below both the enamel and cementum is a layer known as dentin.

If the cementum or enamel weakens, cold or heat can make their way to the nerves located inside of your teeth, causing pain and sensitivity.

Fortunately, sensitive teeth are a condition that is extremely treatable. Make an appointment to determine what is causing your teeth to be sensitive and we will set up a treatment plan to have you feeling better in no time.