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When tooth loss occurs, dentures offer a reliable and efficient means to correct that loss. A partial denture is used to replace one or several missing teeth; if all of the upper or lower teeth are missing, a full or complete denture will be recommended.

There are removable dentures and fixed dentures, and caring for each is different depending on which type you select.

A removable partial denture will be made to attach to healthy anchor teeth. Most often the partial attaches with metal clasps. The removable partial should be cleaned every day as often as you would brush your teeth; however, natural teeth should not be brushed with the partial in place.

Toothpaste and toothbrushes are too abrasive for use on dentures. There are specially made denture brushes and cleaners for that purpose. While the denture is out, brushing and flossing teeth will promote good dental health.

If a partial does not feel comfortable, it is essential that your dentist is contacted for necessary adjustments. Even a small “tweak” you may make to a clasp could result in extensive damage.

A fixed partial denture is not removable. The abutment teeth are prepared as if being fitted with dental crowns, and when cemented in place the denture will be one permanent unit. Brushing and flossing are done with the denture in place so following the dentist’s instructions will maximize the life of your denture.

A full or complete denture is recommended when all of the teeth in the upper or lower arch are gone. These custom dentures are made to look and feel as natural as possible.

The material that rests against the soft tissue of the mouth should fit snugly as there is nothing to attach to with clasps. You must rely on the fit for the denture to be functional. As with the partial denture, the complete denture should be cleaned daily with those products intended for that purpose.

Never boil or microwave a denture. Heat can warp a denture totally changing how it fits. There are soaks intended to keep the plastic material clean and moist, and keep the teeth bright.

Listen to your dentist and follow the advice given for the care and optimum functionality of your denture. For more information, contact our team at Fielder Park Dental by calling 817-275-4817 today.