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Dull and drab teeth can detract from anyone’s smile. Teeth whitening is quick and economical making it a popular cosmetic procedure.

Children and young teenagers are not good candidates for this process, but patients sixteen years and older can enjoy the benefits of a procedure than can lighten teeth up to eight shades in one brief dental visit.

Teeth whitening usually begins with a cleaning and polishing with your dental hygienist. Plaque build-up and topical stains are removed. Your cosmetic dentist will perform an assessment to qualify the patient as a candidate for whitening. [pullquote]Teeth whitening usually begins with a cleaning and polishing with your dental hygienist.[/pullquote]

Any other cosmetic work to be done should be completed after teeth whitening. That would include, crown and bridge; bonding, veneers … these restorations would then be matched to your new smile. Since many restorations are now made with porcelain, these would not be impacted with any teeth whitening process. It is advised to wait a couple of weeks after whitening as the whitening process can continue to lighten teeth for up to two weeks.

In addition to children, patients with periodontal disease must give serious consideration to their condition. Pregnant and nursing women should postpone whitening. Patients with worn enamel, gum recession, or a known cavity should be aware that they may experience a high degree of sensitivity no matter what type of teeth whitening process is undertaken.

Patients that already have cosmetic restorations in place, especially in the smile line, should understand that their biological teeth will lighten; however, restorations will not be impacted and will remain the same shade as they started that may provide a very uneven result.

The type of stain may also be a determining factor. Intrinsic stains due to some medications or over fluoridation may not disappear with whitening. Teeth that are discolored due to diet or life style habits like tobacco use may lighten initially, but extended results may be disappointing unless those habits are discontinued.

Patients that do decide to whiten will experience a much better result if done so under the guidance of their dental provider. Not only is the whitening gel more powerful than what is available over the counter, but having a professional deliver treatment will provide the safest option with likely the best result.

Whitening can provide an exceptional smile makeover as long as guidelines and instructions are followed, and qualifications are met before starting treatment.  Contact our experienced cosmetic dentistry team at Fielder Park Dental by calling 817-275-4817 today.